About Company

The Leon company was founded for passion to pure and simple forms and also for modern solutions. Willingness to create innovative door systems, made that company portfolio after 20 years of activity can offer a respectable range of possibilities of adapting premises. Successful cooperation with interior designers and architects made our brand recognizable not only on the Polish market and still gets new customers.
Our customers are first and foremost source of inspiration. They decide about the appearance of the room which will contain our doors, and thus designing them together with us, often leaving behind the standards set by our competition. It all makes Leon products perfectly compatible with the design of the planned spaces, and we get another motivation for work, further development and crossing borders in design. Our dedication and individualism towards our customers attitude, as well as the willingness to develop and the courage to implement new projects made that our door systems received technical approvals confirming our knowledge and experience. We were also rewarded by a number of institutions related to the architectural industry and design so that Leon brand has become even more attractive.

About us

We want to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers, which is why we passionately implement bold original ideas that raise the company’s profile on the Polish and foreign market. Cooperation with architects, authorized sellers and installers – this is our guarantee of professionalism, and the implementation of prestigious facilities confirms unquestionable quality and precision. We care for our clients, trying to meet their most daring expectations. We provide reliable and partnership cooperation, short delivery times, custom-made products, professional assembly and competitive prices. The specificity of the company is the creation of products combining aluminum, wood and glass, which allows to shape residential and office spaces in a modern way.


Invisible frames, sliding systems and doors hidden in the wall by Leon brand are found in hundreds of houses not only in Poland, but also abroad. We make sure that our products defend themselves not only with the quality, materials or experience used, but also with the fact that they have over 20 years of tradition behind them.


The number of approvals won, ever-expanding portfolio of the company as well as the presence in the industry media and awards won – all this makes Leon a reliable partner for its customers.


Leon is a brand of very well designed products. Our hidden frames, wall systems, cassettes for doors hidden in the wall and adjustable door frames are characterized by extremely high quality, and hence, recognition from customers. When designing, we pay attention to the smallest details in order to create non-standard and modern solutions.