The Leon company is a responsible business partner of many significant companies in the door industry at home and abroad. Our achievements include a number of solutions protected by patents and reservations, and our products have certificates allowing them to be used in construction.

Currently, we can boast of the Reliable Company Certificate

Additionally, the company has won a number of prestigious awards:

dobry design 2020

Forum Firm Rodzinnych Forbes 2019

Dobry design 2020
gazele biznesu 2018
gazele biznesu 2017
zlaty leonardo
diament meblarstwa 2016
Gazele Biznesu 2018
Gazele Biznesu 2017
Zlaty Leonardo 2017
Diament meblarstwa 2016
dobry design 2016
dobry wzór 2015
dobry wzór 2025 finalista konkursu
diament stolarski
Dobry design 2016
Dobry wzór 2015 rekomendacja
Dobry wzór 2015
Diament Stolarki 2016