In the Complete by Leon systems, each solution is in line with current interior design trends. Concealed frames, cassettes for retractable doors and wall-mounted sliding systems are tailored to 40 mm thick sashes.
The Complete'40 system is designed so that one, two or three systems can be used coherently in a single room while maintaining its modern character. These are complete sets in standard dimensions. Complete'40 consists of an aluminium invisible frame, cassette or sliding system and sash and optional hardware from renowned companies. The frame can be untreated, silver anodised or white lacquered, and the sliding system blade can be silver anodised or white lacquered. The 40 mm thick sash can be solid or with honeycomb infill.
The Complete PVC'40 system and the Complete Easy'40 system are complete sets consisting of a concealed frame and a solid or honeycomb sash. The leaves are untreated, prepared for painting with wall paint or white. The PVC frame is made of plastic. It can be raw, prepared for painting, or white. It can also be coated with wall paint. The Easy frame is a concealed aluminium frame in the raw option, prepared for painting or white lacquered.
Complete accessories are: handle, handle with thimble, self-closing threshold, ventilation or recuperation undercut - depending on the type of system.