Aluminum skirting boards are not only a decorative element, but also a finishing and securing element for the wall. Leon’s offer includes wall-mounted skirting boards, but also flush with the wall surface, where we can obtain a minimalist effect of blending the board into the wall. This model is perfectly combined with the door with an invisible frame. Depending on the model of the skirting board, the visible panel may be aluminum or wooden. The aluminum element can be varnished in a selected color from the RAL palette or covered with a selected anode, while wooden elements in the skirting boards can also be varnished with RAL and NCS, as well as finished with a veneer. An additional option is the possibility of using a led strip in the case of the LC 07 and LC 08 strip, which increases the aesthetic value of the product.

The novelty are the end plugs for the slats, which finish them aesthetically. The plugs are available in the following colors: white, black, silver, brown, anthracite.

LC 01-04
LC 05-06
LC 07-08